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Digital Humanities


Tiffany Esteban
Library West
(352) 273-2875


What is Digital Humanities? Digital Humanities, also known more commonly as DH,  is an area of scholarship at the intersection of digital technology and humanities disciplines, which brings a traditional humanistic perspective to the use of technology. DH is about using  humanistic training, and our unique methods of analysis to better understand how digital tools can provide richer answers to questions both old and new.

If you’re interested in working on a digital humanities project, then the Scott Nygren Scholars Studio is made for you. Located in Library West at the University of Florida, the Nygren Studio welcomes faculty, staff, and graduate students who would like to use the space to work on their digital projects or to teach courses with a DH component. The Nygren Studio offers hardware and software to bring digital humanities projects to life such as:

  • A 70'' 1080p LED Interactive Touch Screen (Sharp Touch Overlay)
  • A 90'' 1080p LED Display
  • A Wireless Presentation System
  • Camtasia
  • Python 2.7
  • oXygen XML Editor
  • QGIS Pisa
  • Adobe Creative Suite

As a library-supported space, the studio also hosts a variety of events and activities related to digital scholarship and digital humanities throughout the semester, including group project sessions and meetings, workshops, class presentations, and more. To learn more about the studio and the scheduled events, go to:

Interested in learning how to get started on a digital project? Need some guidance in terms of project management? Want to use a specific tool? Feel free to contact Tiffany Esteban,