Author Rights: University Libraries Committee

As members of the University Libraries Committee of the Faculty Senate, 2019-2022, the following individuals developed the UF Author Rights Policy. Special thanks go to ULC chairs Czerne Reid, Angelos Barmpoutis, and Josepha Cheong.

  • Angelos Barmpoutis, Digital Worlds Institute
  • Katie Basinger-Ellis, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Vandana Baweja, Architecture
  • Josepha Cheong, Medicine
  • Wendy Dahl, CLAS
  • Jonathan Edelmann, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Richard Hill, Vet Med
  • Roger Maioli, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Christine Myers, Occupational Therapy
  • Jane O’Connell, Law Libraries
  • Lily Pang, Libraries
  • Mario Poceski, Religion
  • Eric Potsdam, Linguistics
  • Czerne Reid, Psychiatry
  • Mark Ritenour, IFAS
  • Christine Voigt, English