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Data Management


Plato Smith
Library West
(352) 294-1077

Data Management and Curation Working Group:

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Data management requires the development of socio-technical (people, policies, technologies, communities) relationships with diverse stakeholders in efforts to further develop a culture of data management at UF. A culture of data management at UF involves the development of processes that assist UF faculty, researchers/scientists, and students in the management of their research data throughout the lifecycle of data. The management of research data includes the acquisition, aggregation, documentation, representation, dissemination, preservation and disposition of data throughout the data lifecycle.

The data lifecycle occurs before, during, and after the research process as articulated in a data management plan. The data management plan encompasses expertise, infrastructure, and resources. The University of Florida, through the collaboration of the Libraries and UFIT Research Computing, supports creation of solid data management plans, which provides researchers a competitive edge in securing funding. UF Research Computing offers a suite of services that include but are not limited to Computation (HiperGator), Data Management (Data storage, transfer, databases & portals), and Restricted Data (ResearchVault) that allow faculty, researchers, and students to manage data throughout the data lifecycle and processes.

Data Management Support Services include but are not limited to:

  • Development of data management plans
  • Assistance with selection and deposit of data in repositories
  • Identification of recommended data repositories
  • Assistance with data preservation and long-term archiving
  • Development of research data management policy and statements
  • Compliance with funding agencies data management and sharing requirements


Available resources:

  1. UF Data Classification Guidelines -
  2. UF Research Computing Services -
  3. UF Libraries Research Data Management Libguide -