Data Science

ARCS offers several types of data analysis services. These include assistance with the R programming language, and the statistical packages SPSS and Stata. Assistance with basic statistics, including ANOVA and regression-based procedures, is also available.

Sarah Meyer outside
Sarah Meyer
Health Science Center Libraries

Health Informatics

  • i2b2 (Informatics for integrating biology and bedside)
  • Terminologies and coding standards
  • Electronic health record systems
  • Dataset discovery
  • Project management

Aida Miró-Herrans
Aida Miró-Herrans
(352) 273-8443


Aida Miró-Herrans
Aida Miró-Herrans
(352) 273-8443
Hao Ye
Hao Ye

Statistics & Data Analysis

  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Model-Fitting

SPSS, Stata and Basic Statistics

An SPSS Short Course combines an introduction to the SPSS statistical program with an overview of basic statistical topics, including descriptive statistics, ANOVA and related procedures, multiple regression and significance testing Limited consulting on SPSS, Stata and statistical topics