Publishing & Impact Services for the CTSI

Our Mission

Maximizing the dissemination and impact of the research conducted by UF affiliated investigators is the key role of Publishing & Impact Services. We do this by promoting and supporting the creation of high-quality manuscripts publishable in highly-cited, peer-reviewed journals; thereby broadening the reach, enhancing the replicability, and increasing the citability and impact of this research.

The Publishing & Impact Services facilitates translational research by:

Training pre- and postdoctoral trainees and early career researchers in creating manuscripts following Good Reporting Practices

Facilitating peer writing groups

Providing consultations regarding journal selection and manuscript submission

Providing training and consulting services regarding research metrics

Advising and supporting authors concerning NIH public access compliance issues

Providing consultations and training regarding research impact

Individual support

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Upcoming Workshops

Friday, May 3, 12-12:30pm

20 Minutes to Impact Series: ORCID and Dimensions – Online

This workshop will cover creating your ORCID ID and linking it to Dimensions to add articles to your researcher profile with one click.
Part of the 20 Minutes to Impact series where you will learn about a research impact metric or tool and receive step-by-step instructions which you can actively follow to accomplish an impact-related task by the end of the workshop.

Friday, May 17, 12-1pm

Publish, Don’t Perish: Tools to make writing your article easier – Online

This session will be a broad introduction to writing a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. It will cover selecting a journal, types of articles, and locating appropriate reporting standards. Attendees wishing to take the next step and begin writing a manuscript for submission to a scholarly journal will be encouraged to take the most appropriate course in the Good Reporting Practices (GRPs) series for more in-depth coverage.

Friday, July 19, 12-1pm

NIH Public Access Policy Compliance – Online

This workshop provides an introduction to the NIH Public Access Policy and demonstrates how to fulfill compliance requirements. We will cover how to use the NIH Manuscript Submission System and discuss the various approaches of journal publishers towards compliance.

About the Translational Research and Impact Librarian:

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